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Ron Rogers – Public Relations/Public Affairs/Rancher

Before I was diagnosed, I remember when I was taking a hike with one of my good friends and every so often I had to stop to catch my breath. I felt like I was out of air. In retrospect, that was one of the first signs that something was wrong with me … Read More

Bradley K. – Music Composer and Real Estate Investor

It all began on Monday April 26, 2004 at 10:00 am when I went in for a routine annual physical exam. There was nothing atypical about this particular physical. I felt perfectly fine… Two days later I was diagnosed with a monoclonal protein spike, and by May 7, 2004 I learned more about this particular M-protein. That was more than 9 years ago … Read More

Bennett K.- Attorney

I fell off my bike. It was August 1991. I was merely peddling slowly up a small hill in Mendocino, California, while on vacation with my wife. My legs just gave out on me. I was adjacent to a grassy part of the hill, so I just fell sideways and gently landed on the dirt … Read More

Roger T.

Eight years ago, I had my annual physical and my doctor told me that my red blood cell count had dropped well below normal.  I was referred to a local oncologist.  The oncologist bluntly told me that I had an incurable and deadly cancer called “multiple myeloma.” I responded with: “What was that?” He said that it was a type of blood and bone cancer. I had never heard of it! How could this be? I have always been healthy and active and now I had a cancer that could end my life! Through researching, I found out that there was no known cure for multiple myeloma… I started treatment in May 2004 … Read More

Stephen & Susan B.

The day after Thanksgiving 2015, I had an appointment that was the beginning of a life-changing experience. It took 67 days from the time I started testing until I heard the news… I had multiple myeloma … Read More

Susan K.

Life is an interesting adventure. But, my definition of adventure was very different prior to 2010. I’m Susan, and this is my story … Read More

Susan N.

Twelve years ago, in 2003, I went to a neurosurgeon because I had excruciating pain that kept increasing. The doctor looked at the MRI and saw fractured vertebrae, which were pushing against my spinal cord. Within ten minutes, I was on a gurney and admitted to St. Vincent Hospital in Portland, Oregon. I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma … Read More

Richard G.

I am a physician who has been a competitive and solo athlete all my life. My iPhone tells me that, despite being in the ultimate year of my 70s, I averaged over three miles a day of running in 2019. The year 2020 was quite different! … Read More

Rob D. (PT and Donor)

To quote the actress Betty Davis, “Getting old is not for sissies”, and I have not been spared to have issues with my health. My diagnosis with multiple myeloma was initially discovered seven years ago when I had a cat scan looking for something else. … Read More

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